Saturday, March 3

Meeting Dad

By this time, most of my family knew I was in a serious relationship. Except my dad. (A little background info: My dad and I have always had a close relationship. He's such a cool guy. Even when my friends meet him, they go "your dad is so cool" and I agree. He has always treated me like an adult and he respects my opinions. We talk and argue about anything. I remember my dad telling me when I was younger not to have a boyfriend until I was 20! LOL, I guess he was just trying to protect his little girl)
I was not in a hurry to introduce any guy to him until I was sure he was the right one. I was a bit nervous. Funny enough, my dad never seemed to mind when he met my guy friends. But I was worried about how he would react to my boyfriend. I knew it was now time though. After Mr proposed and I was now engaged, I asked my mum for advise on how to break the news to dad. She suggested that it was better face-to-face rather than over the phone. So I should wait until he was around, and he could meet the boyfriend. As God would have it, dad was coming for my graduation ceremony in December that year. Since I wanted Mr to be part of the ceremony, he was going to have to meet dad then. The day my parents arrived, I told my dad I wanted him to meet someone. The conversation went like this:

Me: Daddy there's someone I'd like you to meet.
Dad: Who?
Me: My boyfriend
Dad: Your what?
Me: Dad, he's not just any boyfreind
Dad: I see, what kind of boyfriend?
Me: He's my serious boyfriend
Dad: How serious?
Me: Serious enough for me to want to introduce him to you
Dad: How long have you known him?
Me: Almost two years
Dad: Two years!
Me: Well he's been my boyfriend for just over a year now
Dad: But you've only just graduated. Has he been distracting you from your studies?
Me: Not at all Daddy. He's actually been very supportive
Dad: I see
Me: Dad, just meet him first and give him a chance. I'm sure you'll like him
Dad: I'm not sure.
Me: Ok if you don't like him I'll take that on board. But you have to meet him first
Dad: He's trying to take my baby girl from me.
Me: Nooooo he's not! I'll always be your baby girl
Dad: Okay so when am I meeting him?
Me: Well I want him to be at my graduation ceremony so can you meet him before then?
Dad: This is serious. Ok tell him to come on Thursday.
Me: (hugs dad) Thanks dad! I'll tell him right away.

I ran to tell Mr that my dad wanted to meet him. The guy was a bit nervous. Just a bit... lol. I told him to be himself and he'll be fine. Thursday came and Mr came round to meet my parents. I was glad my mum had met him before this, otherwise it would have been even more nerve-wracking for the poor guy. As they settled down to talk, I left the room and left Mr on his own. After a while my dad called me and said I should see him out. On the way back to his car, I asked Mr what he and my dad had talked about. He said it was 'man-talk' so I wasn't meant to hear. I ran back inside to hear the verdict. Mum was smiling ear to ear. Dad looked thoughtful. I asked dad what he thought. He just said "He's a nice, responsible young man". I said "I'll take that to mean you liked him then." And that was it.

Some days later, it was my graduation ceremony. I remember turning round to wave to my parents in the auditorium and seeing Mr sitting beside them talking to my mum. And that was it, just like that he had been accepted as a member of the family. I was sooo pleased. Later on when we were taking photographs, my dad jokingly asked Mr if it was okay for him to hold my hand. My friends could not believe their eyes when they saw Mr sitting confidently with my dad. They came to ask me how I did it. I remember one of them telling me that she was dreading the day she would introduce her boyfriend to her dad too. I told her to get her mum on her side, that seemed to help. I'm just glad that the meeting went well and my dad liked him at once. So that major hurdle was over.


Simply Gorgeous said...

I am first !! so let me go and read and come back!

Simply Gorgeous said...

Okay I am back you mean almost over. You still have not told him that you and Mr. are engaged!

Lee said...

LMAO..Favored gurl, now u make me wanna write my own story.. I can';t wait to tell my story sha..

Anonymous said...

i'm a little confused... you didn't really place a big emphasis on the engagement bit. as in your Dad thought Mr. was still your boyfriend, not a fiance? how did you break the engagement news to your dad?
also, i'm impressed that your mom didn't tell your dad before you did... my mother tells my dad EVERYTHING. lol.
keep the stories coming :)

truth said...

Sisi it seems like ages since you put up a post.Yeah I was gonna hit on the same thing anonymous hit on: when/how did you tell him you were engaged.My guess is you just dropped the news bit by bit so your daddy could take it gradually.Smart!

DiAmOnD hawk said...

hmmm...introduction to dad...i guess ive never really thot about it being a big deal... so yeah... we want to know how you broke the engagement to him...

My Heart said...

First thing...I'll like my parents to meet my guy before he decides to pop the question. On the other hand, I don't want them meeting every boyfriend and eventually when the real thing comes along, they don't take him seriously.

yankeenaijachick said...

l can imagine the fear. lol. Sha, l would never forget when l introduced my ex-wierdo boyfriend to my dad. My dad gave him the embarrasment of his lifetime. He would never forget my Am happy for you girl. You deserve the very best.

Dimples said...

I like...but really i swear it's cos ur cool with ur dad o.....okay i'm waiting o....MORE MORE MORE!!!

Anonymous said...

thats soooo cute!
i dread ever introducing a guy to my dad. i think he'd have to do it himself! lol

chainreader said...

I am so using my mum to get to my dad. And there i was thinking i was the first to come up with that idea! Awww, shucks!

Anonymous said...
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Favoured Girl said...

LOL. Like everyone noticed, I didn't tell my dad I was already ENGAGED at this point. The man might have had a heart attack or something. I broke the news to him much later, like 6 months later and in the relative safety of over the phone. I'll put it on future posts!

bimbylads said...

lollllll.. favored girl ur nuts.. wish i could share the same story with my dad.. but HEY.. my mum is my dad too.. and my mum is cool. she interoggated chinese eyes tire.. loll

~Mimi~ said...

so u finally told your dad. the dads are always the last ones to know and come around right :) i havent made my own trip down the aisle but my dad too was gruntled that i was so serious because he thought i was still very young and still his baby...
ehm so do you and your hubby still go clubbing? i saw it in one of your earlier posts that that was one of the questions you wanted to answer? he he he, am jus curious

Moments said...

Hm... I remember when my ex boyfriend came to my house with Christams hamper and gifts for my parents, my dad took it very personal o! he had met my mum and had been seriously interrogated by her. My mum is the one that does the interrogation and then gives info to my dad. I guess this was actually the first declaration to him on a serious relationship level, that's how the man just took it up with my mum o! The conversation went like:

Mum: Ah! Ex, Kemi's friend even brought xmas gift for us today o!
Dad: Why??
Mum: Well he's serious about her, I spoke with him already and he's got good intentions
Dad: What kind of intentions?
Dad: Look woman, I don't know if you've given your daughter away so cheaply but I will not be bought.... I will not give my daughter away for some cheap hamper and gifts.
Dad: As far as I'm concerned, I'm not aware nor accepting any gifts
Mum: Mabinu oko mi, that's not how it is o! He only came here with hamper and gifts and I decided to ask him why too. I'm not carried away by the gifts nor trying to sell my daughter cheap.
Mum: Its just that I know she likes him too and he seems a responsible young man.
Mum: Lets just keep it simple and see how things unfold btw them, you know your daughter isn't getting any younger now, she should have a boyfriend at her age.
Dad: Hm... I've heard, lets see how it goes. By the way, where's he from??

Can you imagine where the story tilted with my dad now?? lolol... I'll have to do a post on my blog about that.

Dads can be overly protective men...

Calabar Gal said...

I suspect he must have asked ur dad for ur hand in marriage on that day and thats why ur dad settled in to him. Its all good anyway.

law_damsel said...

I kind of undersatand wat ur talkin about.. i hope il not ve d same prob, il think im breaking the poor man's heart

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