Monday, April 16

Confused (1)

This is the story of how Favoured Girl got confused.

For this post to make sense, I'm going to dig up some historical archives. Where do I begin?

Right, let's go all the way back to senior secondary school. I had just started in a new school and I was quite shy so I didn't make friends with many people at first. But after a while I started to come out of my shell. Then I was introduced to one guy who was in my set and we became friends. We clicked well, we hung out and talked and walked together and stuff. Our friendship was nothing extraordinary at first although some of our mates thought we were going out at the time.

After a while though, I started liking him more and more, but I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to risk telling him that I had feelings for him. Sometimes I felt he liked me too, and sometimes I wasn't sure, so we remained just friends for a long time.

Then after a while I started noticing that he was getting close to one of my best girl friends and she seemed to like him too! Now I was stuck in the middle. Should I go for the guy seeing as I liked him? Would I lose the friendship with my best friend? In the end, I decided that my friendship with my girl friend was not worth losing over the guy (see, I'm so loyal! so I left it. All of us remained good friends until we left secondary school.

My girl friend and I ended up going to college together. Both of us still kept in touch with this guy. He even came to see us in college on Valentine's day to take us out. One day in college we were talking about secondary school with another friend of ours and she asked us about this guy that was our friend. As we started talking about it, I asked my girl friend if she was aware of the triangle back in secondary school. She said she liked the guy, he seemed to like her too but he never made a move and she was aware that I liked him too! We laughed about it seeing that both of us had been thinking the exact same thing all along and we hadn't brought it up before.

After we were done with college, I left Nigeria for England. Before I left though, I visited the guy and we hung out and promised to keep in touch and all that. After I left Nigeria, I didn't really keep in touch with him anymore. Between adjusting to a new environment, starting a University course, making new friends and so on, I had too many other distractions. Besides I thought there was no point keeping my crush on him alive, seeing as neither of us could do anything about it. So I pushed all thoughts and emotions of this guy out of my mind.

Two years later, I went home for a holiday and saw him. Everything just came flooding back. This time I couldn't deny there was still chemistry between us. Unfortunately (or not), we were both in relationships at the time. How funny is that! I knew I liked him but there was no way I would break up with my boyfriend in England to do long-distance with him. He also didn't want to break up with his girlfriend. So what could we do? Nevertheless, we spent a lot of time together during my stay in Lagos. By the time I was leaving, his girlfriend absolutely hated me. Apparently he had been talking about me non-stop and she was tired of hearing my name. She had even found my photo in his car!

The day before my flight back to England, we met up for the last time. He asked me if I had plans to come back to Nigeria after my degree. I told him I wasn't sure. He said that if I came back, would I marry him? I didn't know if he was serious or not, so I just said yeah sure I would. So we parted and I returned to London. A few weeks of phone calls back and forth and I was feeling so conflicted. I liked him, but I couldn't see him, I couldn't date him. I was frustrated with liking someone I couldn't have, so I pushed him out of my mind again.

Then my current boyfriend at the time disappeared, and you know the rest of the story. I stayed single for a while until Mr came along. I was finally in a happy and wonderful relationship so I had no reason to think of anyone else.

After I got engaged, I received a funny phone call one day from this old crush. He said he had heard I was engaged through some friends of mine and he was very sad. He was calling to confirm if it was true that I had dumped him for someone else. I thought, "What is this guy on about, we were never in a relationship". I told him, yes it is true I'm now engaged and I'm sorry for not telling you earlier, but I didn't dump you". Then he reminded me that I had promised to come back to marry him. I was like, "Wait, I thought we were both kidding that day, you have never asked me out, you had a girlfriend, in fact you still do, so did you expect me to put my life on hold waiting for you?" Fortunately I was on a bus and I told him we really couldn't discuss it, so he should call me back some other time. He didn't call back that day so I forgot about that conversation.

Fast forward to three months later. I saw a missed call on my phone one morning from a Nigerian mobile number. I didn't know who it was, and I thought - if the call is important the person would call me back. Later that evening, my phone rang again. This time I picked up and the conversation went like this:

Favoured Girl: Hello?

Caller: Hi, Favoured Girl, it's me (it was him)

Favoured Girl: Oh hi, how are you?

Caller: I'm good. Guess what, I'll be coming to England tomorrow

Favoured Girl: Oh, erm, that's nice.

Caller: I need to see you, we need to talk. I decided that we can't talk over the phone so I'm coming over to see you in person.

Favoured Girl: Why?

Caller: Can't talk right now. I'll call you when I arrive. We need to talk about us.


To be continued...


truth said...

Are you kidding?lol.This story definitely brings back memories for me;the ever-flaming chemistry with an old crush(in my case, ex-BF), the long-distance hope one party holds while the other wallows in the reality of its impossibility....hmm that's definitely strikes a cord in my past. I am sure it does for a whole lotta ladies.

Moments said...

Oh! Truth yeah, it does strike a cord, definitely.

FG, pls come and finish up this story o! I need to know how things got sorted with the guy eventually. But wait... what was he thinking sef?? He wasn't keeping in touch, you didn't talk relationship so how the heck did he come about wanting to marry you?? from where to where sef??

Niyi said...

ahn! ahn! lol.. It's like watching a Naija movie @ To be continued. I was enjoying the story too.. hahaha. Please, finish it soon o.

I hope your week is going well. God bless.

Lee said...

LMAO, favored gurl, this is not fair oh..Oya come and complete the story..
I was at the confused stage once and I just said when we get to the river, we'll cross it jare...

Did he know your home/office address? if he didn't, then I don't think he succeeded..LMAO.. (ok wild guess)
Hurry up and finish this story..:)

LM said...

Can definitely identify with that; having a somewhat similar experience. Can't wait for the gist!

Inuke Omotola Davis said...

@ truth: "the long-distance hope one party holds while the other wallows in the reality of its impossibility" . True talk oh.
@favored: abeg finish this story now.

~Mimi~ said...

i know the ending la la la la la la. lol.... :)

Dimples said... far now???UPDATE PLEASE!!!
Oh give the responsibilty to mimi

Jennifer said...

Girl, this guy surely loves you! You can no more deny the is better to come to terms with it.Your story is like a fairy-tale friendship and crush between two true friends. Go ahead with courage and leave the rest to Him!

Suby said...

Aaaaahhhhh, whats with all these word blogs you guys write, like all them Nigerian movies where you get to the real interesting part and you have to wait on part 2 to be made lol I was really enjoying the story only to be greated by those dreaded words "To be continued".....

Okay quick go finish telling the story.

Interesting reading about on your blog, I have got as far as "Talking about Trust" and thats an achievement for someone who does not really visit word blogs :)

Belated congrats on your engagement to Mr Right, wish you the best in your future lives together.

Now hurry back and finish the story lol


Suby said...

Just read your 1st post and realised you already married :)


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